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Hardcore stealth game

In this project i wanted to extend my knowledge of Unreal Blueprints, as well as prototype some parts of an idea which i have had. The player needs to gather resources in a raid, such as food and batteries, and bring it back to their stash which functions as a safe room. As they do so, they need to avoid an AI which instantly kills the player. You can press the images for a larger version. 


AI and Behaviour tree

The AI walks between Random Points within RandomPointBox which encapsulate the playable area. If it their radius overlap the player, we check with a Linetrace if we can see it. If we can, we wait 1.4 seconds, then we shoot the player which results in death.

Character and Flashlight

These scripts show how the player interact with objects on input, how the flashlight works and how we know which objects to highlight. It also shows how we reload batteries.

Sliding-doors and Pickups

A bDysfunctionalDoor requires a puzzle solution. Either Player needs a key, Or have to solve another puzzle which calls “PuzzleSolution”. Widget on the Screen shows that it is dysfunctional. if BP_BasePickup is hit by light, Linetrace to the player, are we seen? If we are picked up, send my identifier(item which was picked up) into the IncreasePoints function. Spawn: Pick a random amount of each class, and random location.

 Johannes Olsson                                   Telephone: +46 722 431 026